Pulling through the lower crux of Apollo Reed (5.13a)

Height: 5' 6" (167.64cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (61.234kg)
Started Climbing: 2006
Age: 24

A Few Notable Ascents: 
  • Angry Birds (5.13c) Drive By, RRG
  • The Pod (5.13b) Summersville Lake, NRG
  • Cro-Magnon (5.13b) Little River Canyon, AL
  • Small Socks (5.13b) Little River Canyon, AL
  • Pod Left (5.13b) Little River Canyon, AL
  • Word-Up (5.13b) Little River Canyon, AL
  • Show Boaters (5.13b) Little River Canyon, AL
  • Silver Man (5.13b) Little River Canyon, AL
  • The Big Empty (5.13b) Foster Falls, TN
  • Spank (5.13a) Drive By, RRG (Second Go)
  • B-52 (5.13a) South Side Meadow, NRG (Second Go)
  • Puff (5.13a) Chattanooga, TN (Second Go)
  • Honey Child (V10/V11) Dayton Pocket, TN
  • Honey Comb (V10) Dayton Pocket, TN
  • Super Tsunami (V10) Moore's Wall, NC
Headlamp ascents
  • Devil Doll (5.12d) Kaymoor, NRG
  • Nine Lives (V9) Chattanooga, TN (Lookout Mtn.)
  • Sherman Photo Traverse (V9) Rocktown, GA
  • The Orb Direct (V9) Rocktown, GA
  • Brooklyn Bridge (V8) Roadside, M-Knob
  • Burst of Joy (V8) Rocktown, GA
First Try Efforts
  • Jaws 2 Direct (V8) Houndears Boone, NC (Flash)
  • Energia Positiva (7c+) Terradets, Spain (Onsight)
  • Calm Like a Bomb (5.13a) Gallery, RRG (Flash)
  • Eclipse (5.12d) Foster Falls, Left Bunker (Flash)
Tick Lists

        The Triple Crown (Coliseum) in a day
  • The Pod (5.13b) Summersville Lake, NRG
  • Mercy Seat (5.13a)  Summersville Lake, NRG
  • Apollo Reed (5.13a) Summersville Lake, NRG
        The Thug Life (NRG) work in progress
  • Lost Souls (5.12a) Kaymoor
  • Fall Line (5.12b) Fern Buttress
  • Apollo Reed (5.13a) Summersville Lake
  • The Pod (5.13b) Summersville Lake