Monday, November 7, 2011

September 2011: Nor'easter UBC, Still Life, Hound Ears

Hound Ears 2011
Men's Open Results:        Advanced Women: 
1. Brad Weaver                1. Kati Peters
2. Nate Draughn               2. Ann Raber
3. Andrew Palmer             3. Jillian Sompel

Women's Beginner:        Intermediate Women:
1. Maley Wagner           1. Katherine Marek
2. Grace Robertson       2. KP Peress
3. Corrie Littlepage        3. Jennifer Poe

Matt Londrey baring down on Fuc Yo (V10)
Ben Copolillo, biting back on Jaws II Direct (V8)

Shane Messer finger painting (bleeding) Oral Resume (V10)

                                  DPM Video Report: Hound Ears Comp

                                                                                        New Problems at Houndears by Webb and Voges
Houndears 2011, Cruxn (Far From Home Productions)

Hound Ears 2011 (Triple Crown Bouldering Series) from Far From Home Productions on Vimeo.

Still Life 5.14b ****
"This is currently the hardest route in the region. It climbs the consistently angled wall on the small buttress right of the main amphitheatre.  A pumping 5.13b section leads up to a decent shake before the business.  Some v-hard bouldering involving a dyno or a difficult static move using a horrible sloper takes you to a big gaston, a razor crimp and the anchors.  This route was orginally equipped by Porter Jarrard but the first ascent feel to Joel Brady in 1999 at the grade of 5.13d.  While working on the second ascent of the route, Matt Bosley broke a hold and felt obligated to 'reopen' it.  He succeeded on Memorial Day, 2006. The grade is speculation as Matt didn't suggest one.  With only one repeat time will tell but it certainly lies in the 14a/b range."
50 ft. 8 bolts. bolt anchor. Joel Brady 1999, Matt Bosley 2006
 -NRG Guide Book (Mikey Williams)

                                                    Andrew Palmer, post-send pump, Still Life (5.14b). Sick work my man! (Photo: Aaron McCrady)

Thomas Neyer on Still Life

                               Stephen Meinhold gently grabbing holds so they don't break (right image)                   

Emotional? from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.

Nor'easter UBC Pro Tour

Shane Messer
Lady Peters gettin it done in finals

The Unified Bouldering Championships - The North Face Open Highlights! from NE2C on Vimeo.