Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bouldering Winter 2010 (Part One)

Rumbling Bald (Lake Lure, NC)

The mate man himself, Wes Walker. Wes is the dude you arbitrarily stumble upon during an afternoon bouldering the time evening rolls around, you'd swear you've known the guy for years. Fueled by the nougatocity of Snickers, yerba mate brewed via Jet Boil french press, American Spirits, and some cali tree, Wes exhibits a constant state of psyche incomparable to the acclaimed "lifestyle climbers" I've met.  In the deep, indefinite religion that is climbing , Wes Walker is the prophet of meniacal, try-hard night sessioning.  With the limitations associated with springtime temps, a petzl headlamp and propane-fueled lantern may be the necessary means to getting the job done.  Late one Sunday night in mid-March, Wes texted me at 3am.  The text confirmed that he had just made it to the top of his long term project (Fresh Water V10, Rumbling Bald, NC).  For Wes, being emotionally invested is a healthy part of the process, rather than creating anxiety or jeopardizing aspects of the "real world".  Despite the tedious drive home to Charleston, SC and having work in the early morn, Wes remained ecstatic about his efforts.  It appears that climbing hard and exhibiting a sense of multi-dimension can be achieved..with the expense of a good night's sleep and some hard earned gas money. 

Wes Walker..legend, mentor, and friend 
(No he's not dead, I just won't have the chance to see him for a while)

Gettin gymnastic on Patio Roof (V8)
Wes ass rocketing off the two-move wonder, Honest Abe (V8)
The sloper traverse to the top out.
Justin and I managed to make quick work of Saltwater (V9), with the help of alternative outswing lockoff beta.

Brackish Waters

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Relentless Pursuit to Keep the Psych High

Stephen Meinhold crushing on finals route #4, Darkhorse Series, Feb 27, 2010

Nalle on James' Giant Peach, 8A at Koh Tao, Thailand.

Daniel Woods on Kine Traverse (V11) RMNP, C

In the relentless pursuit to keep the psych high, I've posted the images capable of enduring the previous months as my desktop background. Throughout my senior year at Radford, these gentlemen have been a constant reminder to try hard and push onward in hopes that only forward progression can follow.
Magnus Midtbo on Blood Redemption (8C) Bergen,
Norway. Looks like Sasha's got herself a keeper.
  Sharma on his new Oliana proj. 
Projected to be in the 5.15c range