Friday, June 1, 2012

When Idols Become Rivals (The stout field of DRR)

Forerunners and Routesetters:

Nate Draughn and Rami Annab

Dave Wetmore and Shane Messer (Routesetters)

Josh Larson, Lexington (MA), Age 26

Matt Bosley, Parkville (MD), Age 33
Ryan Banister, Timonium (MD), Age 26
Devin Doyle , Raleigh (NC), Age 22
Alex Johnson, Denver (CO), Age  20

Ian Chavis, Richmond (VA), Age 25
Peter Grill, Boone (NC), Age 20
Austin Boze, Richmond (VA), Age 19

Tim Rose, Elliotsburg (PA), Age 27
Andy Cutler, Richmond (VA) Age 23
Daniel Woods, Boulder (CO), Age 22
Jimmy Webb, Chattanooga (TN), 24
Paul Robinson, Moorestown (NJ), Age 24
Andrew Palmer, Midlothian (VA), Age 24
Michael O'Rourke, Boulder (CO), Age 17
Matt Londrey, Richmond (VA), Age 21
Taylor McNeil, Cary (NC), Age 21

Vasya Vorotnikov, Newark (DE), Age 25
Carlo Traversi, Boulder (CO), Age 23

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